Feeding the Mushrooms

The Amazon Mycorenewal Project (AMP) is working to increase the use of mushrooms within the Amazon to clean up oil spills. These mushrooms ingest and break down “petroleum hydrocarbons”. ¬†AMP is doing great work to make knowledge about this mushroom and how to implement it well known. Their goal is to use this mushroom to help clean up the multiple oil spills in the Amazon due to poorly managed oil exploration.

AMP has a fundraiser on Indiegogo to raise money to probably document all of their research and to make transparent to others. Their project’s goal is to reach out to NGOs and different communities that are affected by all of these oil spills. This new use of these mushrooms could help clean up water supplies and if strategically placed at the end of petroleum waste pipes. These mushrooms would filter the water and clean up the oil before allowing it to spread, combined with other plants they would create a biofiltration system.

The project focuses on areas in the Amazon but if the project gets enough funding, AMPs goal is to also implement these mushrooms in West Virginia. The overall fundraising goal is 50,ooo unfortunately though their fundraising page has been available since April 8th, they have only been able to accumulate about 4,500. They do have 30 days left and if the project is well promoted it might reach it’s final goal.

Included is a video about this research: